Causes of Brain Injury in Military and Veterans

Hetal Lakhani, MD, and Richard Reyes

Dr. Hetal Lakhani is a board-certified physiatrist. She completed her internship at Graduate Hospital in Philadelphia, PA and a physical medicine and rehabilitation residency at Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY. Dr. Lakhani served as chief resident in her last year of residency. After residency, she completed a brain injury fellowship at Kaiser Permanente Northern California. Dr. Lakhani has worked in both the acute and subacute rehabilitation settings. She has provided education to many professional and public audiences through the Veterans Administration and at the Grand Rounds Program at Kaiser Foundation Rehabilitation Hospital. She is currently the medical director of the Polytrauma/TBI Program at the VA Northern California Health Care System.

Mr. Richard Reyes served in the US Army from 1977-2015. Thirty years of his service time were active duty and 8 years were with the Army Reserves. He worked in various positions during those years, including in the fields of communications, medical services, and transportation. His last assignment was working as a logistician. He has been mobilized over fifteen times overseas in his career and deployed three times.

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