Modeling Brain Injury Care in the VA System

Anthony Chen, MD

Dr. Anthony Chen is on faculty with Veterans Affairs Northern California Health Care System (VANCHCS) and the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). Dr. Chen has dedicated the past decade to serving veterans and others with brain injury through direct clinical care, innovations in care programs, and neuroscience-driven advancements in treatment. He has worked to develop a ‘continuum of care’ to support veterans in their journey from injury to wellness, integrating clinical and research efforts in the Program in Rehabilitation Neuroscience (a collaboration between VA and UC), the Center for Integrated Brain Health and Wellness (a facility at VANCHCS that supports veterans in achieving health and well-being), and the Successful Transitions and Re-integration Program (an outpatient program at VANCHCS that provides intensive, interdisciplinary support and community-integrated housing to veterans with traumatic brain injury [TBI]). Dr. Chen completed bachelor’s and master’s programs in neuroscience at Harvard University and received a medical degree from Harvard-Massachusetts Institute for Technology. He completed an internship at Beth Israel-Deaconess, a neurology residency at UCSF, fellowship training in cognitive neuroscience, patient-oriented research, and cognitive/rehabilitation neurology at UCSF/UC Berkeley, and conducted advanced work through VA awards.

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