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30 years of brain injury expertise at your service.

Dr. Elizabeth Sandel has worked with brain injury patients from all walks of life and conducted countless hours of research on the effects of concussion and other brain injuries. She now seeks to share her extensive knowledge.

An incredibly informative and compelling speaker, Dr. Sandel has presented to a wide range of audiences about the true nature of concussion. She has spoken to the medical community on the latest treatments available for brain injuries as well as to general audiences about what puts people at risk of concussion and the effects of such an injury in the short- and long-term. Dr. Sandel captivates audiences with stories of her own patients, startling statistics, and the latest medical discoveries. She speaks in language that anyone can understand and leaves her audiences with a new and more informed view of common brain injuries and an itch to raise awareness of both the ubiquity of concussion and the misinformation surrounding this common injury.

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“Dr. Sandel guided my very first steps in a nearly 30-year journey in academic medicine and brain injury rehabilitation. As a brain injury fellow under her supervision in the early 1990s, she taught me neuropharmacology and neurorehabilitation as well as critical thinking and the “art” of taking care of patients with extremely complicated traumatic brain injuries and multiple trauma. I will always be grateful for her mentorship and friendship, and to this day consider my decision to train with her as “the single best decision of my entire career.”

Michael W. O’Dell, M.D.
Professor of Clinical Rehabilitation Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical – Adjunct Professor of Clinical Rehabilitation and Regenerative Medicine, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University – Chief of Clinical Services, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, New York-Presbyterian Hospital-Weill Cornell Medical Center, New York, New York

“Dr. Sandel is among the most recognized and honored physiatrists in the United States. Her inspiring career as a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation and brain injury medicine encompasses extraordinary achievements in clinical care, research, and education. Her clinical research has advanced our understanding of neurological rehabilitation, and she advocates for the highest quality care for people with physical and cognitive disabilities. Dr. Sandel’s passion for advancing the treatment of traumatic brain injuries drove her to lead the charge that persuaded the American Board of Medical Specialties to recognize Brain Injury Medicine as a medical specialty.”

Steven R. Flanagan, MD
Howard A. Rusk Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine and Chair, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, New York University School of Medicine/NYU Lagone Medical Center, New York, New York

“Dr. Sandel is a tireless advocate for people with disabilities and their families. Working with her for 15 years, I witnessed firsthand her ability to collaborate with other medical specialists, therapists, and community systems to improve her patients’ health. Without ever losing sight of the individual needs of her patients, Dr. Sandel also pushes for effective models of healthcare delivery for people with brain injuries, strokes, and many other disabling conditions.”

Michelle Camicia, M.S.N, C.R.R.N, C.C.M, F.A.H.A.
Director, Rehabilitation Operations, Kaiser Foundation Rehabilitation Center Vallejo, California

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