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Every 15 Seconds

someone is diagnosed with traumatic brain injury.

3.8 Million Concussions

each year in the U.S. are produced by sports injuries alone.

It is time to change society’s perception of concussion. This is widely considered a mild brain injury, but many of its consequences go undiscussed and can affect patients for a lifetime.

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Meet Elizabeth Sandel, M.D.

Dr. Elizabeth Sandel has worked with brain injury patients for over 30 years, as well as taken part in many studies to advance the treatment of concussion. Having worked so closely with this condition, she is considered an expert in the field and seeks to spread accurate and up-to-date information on the subject.

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© Photo: Susan Freundlich

“I have been blessed with many great professional role models in my career, and I am fortunate to count Dr. Sandel among them. She was a pioneer in the field of brain injury medicine and a primary driving force in creating this medical specialty. She is a great clinician, gifted teacher, and productive researcher. More importantly, through all the changes healthcare has experienced, she always reminds us of our primary purpose – to improve people’s lives.”

James T. McDeavitt, MD
Senior Vice President and Dean of Clinical Affairs, Baylor College of Medicine, Chief Clinical Integration Officer, CHI St Luke’s Health System, Houston, Texas

Award of Excellence

Pennsylvania Head Injury Association

Profession of Medicine Award

The Permanente Medical Group

Krusen Lifetime Achievement Award

America Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

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