Post-Concussion Syndrome

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Opioids Cause Problems After a Brain Injury

Stories of opioid-related disability and death are in the news frequently because of a surge in the use of these substances over the past few decades. For people with a history of brain injury, including concussions, the risks of using opioids are higher than for those without this medical history. Learn about the benefits and dangers of these substances, some of which are not only legal but widely prescribed for acute and chronic pain.

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What is Post-Concussion Syndrome?

I recently talked with journalist Nathaniel Parish Flannery who writes about cycling. He was writing an article about pro cyclist Ian Boswell. Boswell had a crash in 2019 that resulted in long-term concussion symptoms. Flannery found our conversation and my book, Shaken Brain, very helpful, and he tells Boswell’s story in…

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The Post-Concussion Syndrome

Physiatrist Dr. Mel Glenn discusses the evaluation of the many symptoms that are part of a chronic condition called post-concussion syndrome or disorder that occurs in some patients after a concussion. He offers advice on the treatment of headaches, sleep disturbances, and other conditions.

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Treatment and Prognosis for Post-Concussion Syndrome

Treatments for post-concussion symptoms include targeted medication trials and various rehabilitation therapies such as physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Sometimes complementary therapies can be helpful, too.

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How Is Post-Concussion Syndrome Diagnosed?

Diagnosis of the causes of post-concussion syndrome and targeted treatment requires a thorough physician evaluation, either using a symptom checklist or an open-ended physician interview called a “history” and “review of symptoms.”

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Why Post-Concussion Syndrome Is Controversial

Because post-concussive symptoms overlap with other conditions, a misdiagnosis is possible. Sometimes people have more than one diagnosis, too. The term post-concussion syndrome is controversial, too, because it is really not a syndrome. A syndrome has a consistent cluster of symptoms or signs that make it a syndrome. This is not true for post-concussion syndrome.

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